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The Hierarchy

Here is information regarding different parts of Towny's hierarchy.




Nomads are simply players who are not part of any town.



Any player can join a town and they become a resident of that town. Residents have their own command /resident or /res which used by itself outputs a Resident Status Screen, displaying Money, Town, Plots owned and Friends. Residents can join towns or choose to start a town of their own.


Residents who join towns can claim plots that the Mayor of the town has set for sale. When a resident owns 1 or more plots, they will see a new line on their Resident Screen, showing plots owned and a default perm line showing the plot perms given on all plots that resident owns.



A town is a collection of residents (or just one resident) with one resident as the mayor. A town also has a bank which the mayor can withdraw from. A mayor can also have assistants who have the same or similar powers as him/herself. Towns can have taxes that will be taken at the end of each day interval.


Towns usually grow outwards from their home block, the townblock the mayor stood in during town creation. Townblocks need to be claimed beside other townblocks, unless the mayor claims an outpost in the wilderness using /t claim outpost. Towns are limited of a max of 50 residents (level 10). If you are reaching that number, it is best to start looking into allies and nations.



Mayors run towns and with the help of their assistants, manage a town and its residents. Mayors can decide which ranks their residents fall into, in their town. This can be a Town Assistant, Helper, Sheriff, Ambassador or VIP.



Mayors can set a list of Outlaws. Outlaws are set using /town outlaw [add/remove] [name]. Outlaws can be any player and do not have to be in a town or nation.


If the new outlaw is a member of a town, they will be kicked. Towns that have themselves set to open status can use the outlaw list to prevent these players from joining their town freely. Players cannot spawn to public towns which consider them outlaws.


Players that enter into a town where they are considered to be an outlaw will see a warning-title-message informing them. If a player is online and they are made into an Outlaw they will see a message in chat.


Outlaws can be jailed if they die in the town where they are considered to be an outlaw. It requires the town to own at least one jail plot and has to be killed by a Mayor, Assistant, Sheriff or Guard.



A nation is a collection of towns (or just one town) with one town as the capital. The mayor of that capital is the nation leader. A nation can join the war event, as well as ally other nations. A nation also has its own bank. It can also tax the towns that belong to it.


Two nations can decide to join in an alliance, which allows them to be protected from friendly fire, help on each other’s plots (if the plot's perm line allows allies,) and to help each other in war.