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How Towns Grow

Starting a Town

Mayors start towns using the command /town new [townname]. New towns cost 2500 to start.


The townblock they are standing in will be the home block for the town, the exact spot/position will be the spawn point for the town. A mayor can move the spawn point within the homeblock using /t set spawn. The homeblock can be moved to another claimed townblock using /t set homeblock.


More townblocks can be claimed using /town claim. These townblocks need to be directly adjacent to already claimed townblocks, unless it is an outpost.


Joining Towns

There are two ways to join towns, the first is by being invited by a Mayor or a Town assistant. The second is by joining an open town.


Mayors and assistants can add players to their town with the command /town add [playername]. The player will receive a prompt to either /accept or /deny the invitation.


Mayors can set their towns to open using /town toggle open. A player who isn't in a town already can use the command /town join [townname] to join open towns. Open towns can be viewed using the /town list by open.


When residents join towns they increase the number of townblocks accessible to the mayor for claiming.