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Towny Pay

TownyPay is a custom plugin we have made using the Towny API. This brings a few economic changes to TanukiCraft which helps prevent inflation and create a sense of value to currency.


There are 5 main features we have added to TownyPay:


Shopping Districts

Towns can set a location in their town to be a shopping district and players can teleport there for free. Towns also take a % tax from all shop sales that goes into the town bank. Default is 10%, but Town Leaders can set this from 5 - 20. Shops can only be created in shop plots, or embassy plots where the Town Leader has set it to allow shops. If a plot is changed type or a plot is unclaimed, the shops signs will be destroyed.



/town shops - Teleports you to your own town shopping district (if open)

/town shops [townName] - Teleports you to the shopping district of the given town (if open)


Only for Town Leader, Assistant and Realtor

/town set shops - Sets your standing location as the shopping district spawn (automatically opens for players to spawn)

/town toggle shops [on/off] - Toggle turning on or off spawning for your towns shopping district

/town set salestax [5-20] - Sets the current sales tax %

/plot toggle allowshop [on/off] - Toggle an embassy plot to allow a shop.



Leader Pay

This is daily pay given to Town and Nation Leaders, paid from the Town/Nation bank. This gives Leaders the time to focus on growing their Town/Nation and helping their residents.

On each new town day, the plugin will calculate each Town/Nation's profit, which is CurrentHoldingBalance - (5 x Upkeep)

By default, Leaders are paid 10% of profit. However, they have the ability to set that from 5% - 30%.

20% tax is taken from the Leader after payment.



/[town/nation] set pay [amount 5 - 30] - Sets the % for Town/Nation Leader Pay


Town/Nation Budgets

As we have disabled the ability to withdraw from Town and Nation banks to prevent bad Leaders from draining their funds, and also to give a sense of money management with Towns/Nations. We have created Town/Nation budgets, this is worked each new town day using the same profit calculation above (after Leader pay has been taken) and is 75% of the Town/Nation profit.

Leaders can use this budget to pay people from the Town/Nation bank and assign the Treasurer rank to any resident to help manage the budget. 

Tax is applied to the payment, 10% for residents in the same Town/Nation that is paying them, and 20% for outsiders.



/[town/nation] finance - views the budget information (also listed on the town screen if you have finance perms)

/[town/nation] pay [resident] [amount] - Pays a player from the Town/Nation bank if within budget


Resident Pay Transfer

We have introduced a pay command for residents to be able to pay other residents from their own funds. This is quite simple and is just a payment transfer. However tax is applied to the payment, 10% for residents in the same Town/Nation, and 20% for outsiders.



/resident pay [resident] [amount] - Sends money to a player


Savings Account

Savings accounts are a way to save money and earn interest. This money is set aside in a protected account. 

Savings accounts come with limits:

  • 5000 max transfer per day
  • 50000 max paid in savings balance
  • 100000 cap to keep receiving interest

Once you deposit money into savings it goes into holdings until the next new town day and cannot be withdrawn. 

On the new town day, any money in Savings has interest applied. Any money in Holdings is then transferred to the Savings. This means if you want to receive interest on that balance, you need to wait another new town day before withdrawing it. Any money in Savings can be withdrawn at any time.


Interest rates vary depending if you are in a town or not and how much the town has in its holding balance per resident.

Non-town residents: 0.0% - 1.0%

For residents in Towns, they will receive higher interest whether their CurrentHoldingPalance/NumberOfResidents meets these thresholds:

  • <10,000: 0.0% - 1.0%
  • 10,000: 0.1% - 1.1%
  • 25,000: 0.25% - 1.25%
  • 50,000: 0.5% - 1.5%
  • 100,000: 1.0% - 2.0%
  • 500,000: 1.5% - 2.5%



/resident savings info - Views your savings and holdings information, also included in the /res status screen

/resident savings deposit [amount] - Deposit money into your holdings

/resident savings withdraw [amount] - Withdraw money from your savings