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Towny Capture Sites

Towny Capture Sites is developed by the developers of Towny and brings a load of fun PvP battles to TanukiCraft


Capture Sites

Capture Sites are converted Towns, which are fought over by players with Towns. A controlling town can receive an amount of money every hour. The default amount is 100, but different sites can give different amounts. You can view a list of CaptureSites using the /towny capturesites command.

A town that controls one or more Capture Sites will have a [CaptureSites] component to their town status screen, which has a list of Capture Sites controlled when you hover your mouse over it. You can view information about a specific Capture Site using the /t [SiteName] command.


Capture Sites can have a required minimum and maximum Town Level. By default they do not, but some can be a required min or max TownLevels, this infomation is displayed in the /t [SiteName] command, then in order for a town to initiate a capture battle, their town must be within the min and max settings. If a defending town has their Town Level drop above or below the requirement they will not receive the rewards, and they will award a no-contest win if another town attempts to capture the site.


After a Town captures a CaptureSite (either via a battle, or no-contest,) there is a 1 hour cooldown before the Capture Site can be captured again. When a cooldown ends there is a global announcement.


Capture Site Battles

Capture Battles are started when a Town member with the correct rank uses /t capture while standing within a Capture Site, and that Capture Site has a defender.

The ranks that can start a capture are Mayor, Assistant, Captain, Conqueror, you also must have one of these or the Fighter rank to participate in the battles. See Town Ranks for more information.


Once the command is used, that player's Town cannot use /t capture again for a 2 hours.


Battles last a 10 minutes  or until the Capture Site runs out of of HP. Capture Sites can have a dynamic HP, default is 50, but depending by how many attacking players are online vs defending players. If the attackers outweigh the defenders, the Site will have a higher HP and vice versa.


When a Battle starts, all members of the defending and attacking towns will receive two boss bars, one showing the remaining time, and one showing the Capture Site HP. Defending town members can use the /t defend to teleport to the capture site, if they hold multiple use /t defend SiteName]. There is a 20 second cooldown for reusing the command.


A Capture Sites's HP is altered by players standing within the Capture Site. Each Capture Site can be attacked/healed only from within the Home Block or from anywhere in the Capture Site depending on the particular Capture Site, the /t [SiteName] command will show this information. The HP is harmed when attackers outnumber the defenders. When defenders outnumber the attackers, the HP is healed.

If the HP stat goes down to 0, the attackers win. If the timer runs out, the defenders win. When a battle ends, there is an hour cooldown placed on the Capture Site.