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Survival Server

Our main feature of TanukiCraft is our survival server. Featuring the latest and custom-configured Towny plugin with additional features to keep players engaged and server communities grow.

Our survival server is what we call a "forever server", which means we will never do a reset. We want communities to start and thrive within survival.  To keep things fun and to give the ability for players to come together we have utilised a combination of plugins and configurations which include:

Towny - allowing players to start or join a town to build a community together whilst protecting each other's builds and items. This also protects the spaces between towns (the wild) from certain block place and breaking. Towny comes with a ton of different features and additions which will have their own information pages.

Resource World - This is a small 2500x2500 Overworld and Nether that is reset every week. This gives fresh biomes and resources for you to gather for your builds. Keeping the main world and nether just about your towns. The end is also controlled by this to be reset once every 4 weeks, keeping the world size down and allowing new players to access the end items.

Custom Content - We are creating our own custom content from Mobs, Blocks and Items for you to collect and show off to other towns.