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Getting Started

Here is some information to help get you started.


Our Survival world is a Towny/Economy server, you can either start a town or join one. As towns cost a bit to create one, you can either join a town until you have enough funds or use a campsite, a campsite is made by placing a campfire down, this protects a chunk for 48 hours. More about campsites HERE


The Survival world is split up into different worlds:

  • Towny World - This is the main towny overworld. 
  • Resource World - This is a small world with no build or mine preventions, to gather resources. This resets every week.
  • Resource Nether - The nether version of the Resource World, also resets weekly.
  • Resource End - This is linked and entered through the Resource World, this resets every 28 days.


The main towny world is protected in many ways, the space in between towns is called the Wild/Wilderness, there are only certain blocks you can place and mine, you can run /towny wildblocks to see what blocks you can place/break in the wild.