TanukiCraft Server Rules


General Information


Plugins and Protection

  • We utilise various plugins to prevent rule violations, combat hackers, and protect player claims.
  • Actions such as block build/destroy, item pickups, and chest interactions are logged for moderation purposes.
  • We utilise these logs for various reasons such as player auditing and reports. We may issue punishment for rule breaks without the need for a report.


Rule Adherence

  • The rules apply universally, irrespective of technical constraints or server protections in place.
  • It’s impossible to list every possible way to violate the intent of the rules, we ask you to use common sense.
  • Staff have extensive training, and all punishments are given at staff discretion.
  • To appeal a server punishment please visit -


Alt Accounts and Account Security

  1. Alt Account Usage:
    1. Alt accounts (Java or Bedrock) are allowed, with a limit of 4 accounts.
    2. Only one account can be online at a time.
  2. Recommended Account Linking:
    1. Players switching between Java and Bedrock are encouraged to link their accounts.
  3. Prohibited Alt Activities:
    1. Evading bans or mutes.
    2. Money farming; transferring rewards to the main account may result in a ban or player wipe.
    3. AFK farming; using alts to afk while the main account is online is not allowed.
  4. Assistance Prohibition:
    1. Assisting players in ban or mute evasion is strictly prohibited.
    2. Sharing accounts or providing alternate accounts is subject to review and may result in an IP ban for all involved.
  5. Account Security:
    1. You are solely responsible for your Minecraft account.
    2. Compromised accounts are not an excuse for rule breaks.
    3. Do not share account details; keep passwords secure.
    4. Sharing passwords is strongly discouraged and may compromise account security.


Player Customisation

  1. No inappropriate skins, or skins that depict discriminatory or political imagery or figures
  2. No invisible skins, or skins that are too big, too small, or too transparent
  3. No inappropriate Names/Nicknames/Item Names
    1. We do not allow usernames with derogatory or offensive terms, hate speech or swear words. Users who do not change these when asked will be issued with a punishment.
  4. No impersonating staff and/or other players
    1. Changing your nickname to pretend to be someone else or to bully, harass or attack someone else will result in punishment.​



Please adhere to the Chat Rules on the server, in addition, we would like to add and clarify these points.

  1. No hate speech
    1. Abusive or threatening behaviour against a particular group, especially based on race, religion, or sexual orientation is not allowed. Unlike most chat violations, staff give no warnings for true Hate Speech which can lead to a permanent ban.​
  2. No harassment
    1. Players are not allowed to initiate, fuel, spread or discuss drama. Malicious or abusive discussions about other players or staff are punishable.​
      1. Intentional harassment of another player will result in a mute and possibly a ban. Please be respectful.​
  3. English only, please
    1. TanukiCraft uses English as the official language. We respect players from all areas; however, we cannot moderate additional languages. If you and your friends would like to communicate in another language, we would suggest using Discord to voice call each other or set up a group direct message (DM). Please bear in mind our Discord server follows this same rule.
  4. No disrespecting others
    1. Players can have disagreements but they must do so in a respectful manner. Insulting, harassing, bullying, and abusive speech is not allowed. This includes attacking staff or publicly questioning their competence.​
    2. Concerns about staff may be expressed in a staff report.
  5. Do not interfere with staffing
    1. Please do not interfere if a member of the staff team is dealing with an issue in chat. Staff will attempt to resolve an issue directly with the concerning player. If they are silent in chat doesn’t mean they are not dealing with the issue. If they require information from another player and/or witness, they will message you directly. 
    2. Do not form witch-hunts and/or spam chat regarding the rule breaker. Once a staff member has announced they are dealing with the issue, move on and continue playing and await any messages from staff for assistance.
    3. If you witness someone hacking, it is best to contact a moderator or any member of staff immediately without calling it out in chat. This may help us catch and identify the hacker more easily.
    4. Joking about or pretending to hack or cheat is also against the rules and may result in a ban.​
    5. Disrupting chat with arguments for or against a specific staff decision, punishment or issue is not allowed.
    6. Punishments should not be argued in chat and will only be reviewed after an appeal is filed, to appeal a punishment not including a ban over 3 days you can submit a staff report. If you have been banned for more than 3 days, you can use our server ban appeal.
    7. Staff will not accept your appeal over Discord or in-game. Warnings for chat disruption are given at staff discretion.​




General Gameplay

  1. No greifing or building obscene structures
    1. This includes, but is not limited to, lava casting, mass fires, large craters, and mass destruction of terrain for no reason - these are allowed in the resource worlds only
  2. Do not attempt to make traps of any kind on any involuntary player.
    1. This includes attempting to teleport a player into lava/a fall with malicious intention or teleporting a player into a PvP zone in an attempt to kill them
  3. Do not build overly complex redstone machines that cause lag
    1. Always include an off switch.
    2. Only have the machine running when in use.
    3. If you have any concerns about a design you want to build, please reach out to us.
  4. No stealing
    1. Containers that are left unprotected are considered fair game, please read towny specific rules below regarding town permissions. If in doubt, use /lock.
    2. Being trusted in a plot/town or having a rank that allows you to open protected containers does not deem that container fair game.
  5. Do not scam other players for their money or goods.This includes:
    1. Making false sales.
    2. Renaming items to impersonate other items with more worth with the intent to trick people.
    3. Not paying/trading for an item that was agreed upon.
    4. Not paying someone when agreed to do so for their time or actions. (for example building something for someone)
  6. Do not intentionally break the economy, This includes:
    1. Constantly giving away items for free that other members are trying to make money from.
    2. Selling items at such a low level no one can compete (competition is fine, but keep it reasonable)
  7. Do not use anything that can give you an unfair advantage.
    1. This includes, but is not limited to, auto-clicking or taping down your mouse/keys, x-ray, baritone, fly hacks, killaura/mobaura etc. Refer to the Allowed
    2. Mods list, and if yours isn’t listed, ask a staff member or create a ticket before using it.
    3. If you find glitches or bugs, do not abuse them, report them immediately, gains from glitch or bug abuse may result in a player wipe.
  8. No afk farming
    1. Do not attempt to bypass the afk feature
    2. Afking in general is allowed and you won’t be kicked, however, you will be taken to an afk room.
    3. You can place yourself into afk with /afk



  1. PvP is optional if you avoid PvP enabled areas.
    1. PvP enabled areas are marked by (PVP) in the boss bar. You can also do /location
    2. General PvP enabled areas are, capture sites, the wild, PvP arenas, PvP enabled plots or towns and towns that are in an active war.
    3. The spawn island is marked as PvP  however PvP protection is enabled.
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure you are not in a PvP enabled area. 
  3. If you are in a PvP enabled area then you auto consent to PvP.
  4. You cannot bait or trick someone into a PvP enabled area.
  5. Do not use teleportation commands to evade PvP. 
    1. If an attack/fight has started (option to receive notice of start/end pvp with /warnpvp) you cannot use any form of teleporting away from the immediate area until either, pvp has stopped, or you have evaded pvp for a few minutes.
    2. Do not log off or switch servers on purpose to evade pvp.


Towny Specific Rules

These rules are for Town/Nation Leaders and Residents (every player). Town/Nation owners are responsible for adhering to all rules, breaking the rules may result in your town being transferred or deleted especially if you are banned.


  1. Do not set any homes or warps in a town that isn’t your own
    1. Unless you have written permission or you can get permission when asked for it by a staff member. 
    2. If the person who permitted you to set that home changes their mind, you must remove the home or warp. 
    3. Homes must be set 50 blocks away or more from a town without permission
  2. Do not abuse your town permissions, This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Stealing from residents or accessing their plots without permission
    2. Purposefully making the town fall or go into ruin
    3. Greatly increasing tax with no prior notice
    4. Kicking players from your town for no reason (no activity for a month is generally fine if they haven’t notified, if not wait for the auto 2-month purge. We maybe able to help with a town review on request to give advice on what to do)
  3. Losing a plot due to tax is given back to the town, the town can then do what they wish with the plot.
  4. Towns that fall to ruin lose protection and are subject to looting.
  5. Do not intentionally interfere with a town’s expansion or design. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Joining a town or convincing someone to trust you in their plot/town with the intention of grief.
    2. Destroying pre-made houses without permission.
    3. Ring claiming another town, or purposefully destroying the outskirts of a town.
  6. Do not spam invites or send invites to players who have not shown interest in joining your town
    1. Talk to players first and if they want to join your town then send an invite. 
    2. Respect player's choices if they don’t want to join.
    3. Do not constantly harras someone who has said they do not want to join
    4. If you want to grow your town, we suggest having it as an open status so players can join without an invite. Or join the Discord and set up a town post.
  7. Town rules
    1. Towns can have their own rules, these rules cannot conflict with or violate the official TanukiCraft rules.
    2. Town rules must be sensible, kicking players from towns for unreasonable rules may result in punishment.
    3. If you want to enforce town rules they must be clearly displayed in your town spawn.
    4. Attempt to escalate your town rules using methods such as fines and jails before kicking. Fines must be within reason and clearly displayed on your rules.
    5. Players breaking town rules will not receive server punishments unless they have broken an official server rule.
    6. Many players like to have build rules in their town to keep to a theme. Do not change the theme drastically after a lot of builds have been made without the agreement of the majority of the town. (for example, starting with medieval then a few months of building suddenly want modern). 
  8. Town Ranks and Plot Trusting
    1. Be responsible for who you trust in either a town rank or town/plot.
    2. Only add ranks or trust players your trust.
    3. Abuse of rank permissions is punishable.
    4. Abuse of trust may be reported, however, we will take each report on a case-by-case basis, and only severe abuse will be punished. For example, if you trust a player in your plot to work together and they use diamonds to make some armour to help, they may have not stolen. We reserve the right to close any report.
    5. Plot and town trusts only extend to the player that trusted you, if you have a town trust you can only gain access to areas which the town owns and is not owned by another resident.
    6. Town and Plot trust only applies to the account it was given to, if trusting alt accounts this must be done per account.
    7. Leaving a town or plot you forfeit anything left in your plots. If you want to move towns or plots then attempt to take as much as you can or get others to help.