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Town Ranks

A Mayor can decide what rank to give to a resident. Residents can have multiple ranks at the same time. These ranks come with different permissions so please give these ranks out responsibly.


Ranks can be given with the command: 

/town rank add [PlayerName] [RankName]


Or removed with:

/town rank remove [PlayerName] [RankName]



Mayors run towns and with the help of their assistants, manage a town and its residents. Mayors can decide which ranks their residents fall into, in their town. You become a Mayor by starting a town with /town new [town name]. Towns cost 2500 to start.


Town Assistants

Assistants assist the mayor in running the town, the rank should only be given to trusted players. 

Assistants receive the following permissions:

  • Exempt from tax
  • Claim new townblocks
  • Manage town invites
  • Manage all plots
  • Switch permissions in all plots
  • Add/Remove Inviter ranks from a resident
  • Can jail outlaws by killing them inside the town
  • Can set a player as an outlaw
  • Capture a capturesite
  • Fight in capturesite battles



A rank to give to important people that you want to be exempt from tax. VIPs have no other permissions.



Ambassador can be given to trusted players to help manage allies for your nation. Ambassadors can manage all ally perms.



Builders can build and destroy in all town owned plots that are not currently owned by a resident. Very useful for trusted players who a Mayor wants to help build the communal areas.



Inviters can manage all invites. Useful for closed towns, give to trusted players.



Realtors can manage plots for the Mayor. Useful rank to help expand the town and manage plots.

  • Realtor comes with the following permissions:
  • Plot set – ability to set the type of plot
  • Plot claim – claim new townblocks
  • Plot unclaim – remove townblocks
  • Plot notforsale – remove a plot from being sold
  • Plot forsale – put a plot up for sale



Sheriffs can assist with keeping the law withing a town. 

  • Sheriff comes with the following permissions:
  • Send a resident to jail
  • Remove a prisoner from jail
  • See all prisoners with Jail List
  • Killing Outlaws sends them to jail
  • Able to add/remove Guard rank



Guards can assist the Sheriff with the following permissions:

  • Send a resident to jail
  • See all prisoners with Jail List
  • Killing Outlaws sends them to jail



Captains can manage Conquerors and Fighters, they can initiated a capturesite capture and fight in the battles.



Conquerors have the permission to start capturing a capturesite, they also are able to fight in the capturesite battles.



Fighters are able to fight in capturesite battles.