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Survival Commands

Survival Commands

/bp - opens your back pack

/skills - views your skills and stats

/location - views your current plot information

/vote - shows your the voting sites and which ones you have voted on

/time - shows the current time until new tax day

/rwtime - shows the current time until the Resource world, Resource nether and The End resets

/book - gives you the welcome book which has some useful information


Travel Commands

/spawn - warps to spawn

/warp - opens the warp menu, you can also run /warp [warp name] to warp directly to that location

/rw tp - teleports to the resource world (random location)

/hub - transfers to the hub

/tpa [player] - sends tp request to player, costs 50

/tpahere [player] - sends request for a player to tp to you, costs 50

/tpc - shortened /tpaccept which accepts a tpa/tpahere request


Chat Commands

/gc - joins general/global chat

/tc - joins town chat (talk to only the town you are in)

/nc - joins nation chat (talk to all the towns that are in your nation)

/al - joins alliance chat (talk to all the towns in your nations alliance)

/lc - joins local chat (talk to everyone within 100 block radius)

To mute a channel, use the channel command + mute, for example to mute general its /gcmute

To unmute, do the same with "unmute", for example to unmute general its /gcunmute