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🌸 TanukiCraft Announcement: New Capture Site - Sakura Isles! 🌸
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tomhmagic Owner Admin
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3 months ago

Greetings TanukiCraft Community!


We're thrilled to announce a brand new addition to our server that is sure to bring excitement and competition to new heights. Introducing Sakura Isles - a breathtaking haven of cherry blossom floating islands, where tranquillity meets the thrill of battle!


As TanukiCraft continues to grow, so does the scope of our server's offerings. We're expanding our Capture Sites to provide more opportunities for towns to compete and thrive. Sakura Isles is the latest addition to our collection of captivating territories.


Key Features of Sakura Isles:


🌸 Peaceful Aesthetics: Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of cherry blossom-covered floating islands. Don't be fooled by its peaceful appearance; Sakura Isles will be the stage for epic battles and strategic conquests.


⚔Unique HP System: Unlike our previous Capture Site, Sakura Isles' HP system allows for attacks and healing from all areas of the site. Prepare for dynamic battles that require strategic planning and teamwork.


💰 Increased Rewards: The stakes are higher with a lucrative reward of 200 coins per hour for the town that claims ownership of Sakura Isles. Will your town rise to the challenge and reap the benefits?


🌐 Restricted Battleground: Engage in fierce battles exclusively on the islands - no fighting below or above. Master the terrain to gain a competitive edge and secure victory for your town.


Updated Rule: One Capture Site per Town

To maintain a fair and balanced playing field, we've updated our rules. Each town is now limited to holding only one Capture Site. Choose wisely and strategize effectively to maximize your town's potential for success!


Get ready to embark on new adventures and forge alliances as you conquer Sakura Isles. The battle for ownership begins now! Run /towny capturesites to view locations and information of all Capture Sites.


Thank you for being a part of the TanukiCraft community. We look forward to seeing the epic clashes and memorable moments that Sakura Isles will bring to our server!


Happy gaming,

TanukiCraft Team