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Before submitting a request. Please read the following:


  • If you have encountered a bug, please submit a bug report instead
  • If you want to suggest something to the server, please submit a suggestion instead
  • Please only submit requests for yourself and your own issues
  • Please check the correct section for your request. Any requests in the wrong section may be closed
  • Chat Usage rules apply in all tickets. Please respect our Staff
  • Do not post any personal information other than your gametag (and the player reporting if applicable). The member of staff will request any additional information they need once they pick up the request.
  • Make sure the title of your request is short and descriptive. DO NOT post any personal information (including gametag) in the title.
  • Explain as much information as you can in your initial request. Help us help you, we may be able to resolve your issue without further information if you provide as much detail as possible.


Our staff will attempt to respond ASAP. There is no need to contact them via any other means, we are notified on all new requests.


Once a member of staff has responded, please respond ASAP. If there is no response from you after 24 hours of a member of staff requesting information, the member of staff will send a request for response, if no response after a further 24 hours then your ticket will automatically be closed.

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